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When children are enrolled in the Imagination Library, free books are mailed to children’s homes monthly from ages 0 to age 5.  By mailing high quality, age-appropriate books directly to their homes,  children become excited about books and they feel the magic that books can create.  The Dolly Parton Imagination Library ensures that every child has books, regardless of family income. The only requirement for participation in the Dickinson Iron Dolly Parton Imagination Library is for parents/guardians to complete the Imagination Library Registration Form.  Registration forms are posted online: OR call the Imagination Library Community Coordinator, Maria Johns at the Willis Early Childhood Center @ 906-776-8182.



Great Start is proud to host the Annual Children First Celebration Event to raise funds to sustain the DOLLY PARTON IMAGINATION LIBRARY Program in Dickinson and Iron Counties for children ages birth to five.  When children are mailed books personally addressed to their homes each month they feel important, special and most of all they become more interested in reading.  The leaders of the Dickinson Iron Great Start Collaborative have huge admiration and appreciation to Dolly Parton for her passion and lifelong commitment of providing books to children. In 2018 Dolly Parton donated her #100 millionth Imagination Library book to the Library of Congress!  The Dolly Parton Imagination Library Foundation with Penguin Random House Publishing mails over one million books to children each month. All Imagination Library books are age appropriate and carefully selected by the Book Selection Committee and published by Penguin Random House, a global leader in publishing.



In medical clinics sponsoring Read Out and Read, children receive a book each time they have medical check ups, along with valuable information on reading aloud and reading with family members. The more visits children have with Reach Out and Read pediatricians results in higher academic testing scores and the more improved expressive and receptive  language  skill!



Parents  who  have children receiving Reach  Out  and  Read books at medical clinics report that they read books together as a family more often and they increased the number of books in their home, along with many families starting a home book library.


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